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incl. net bag for filtering agents

Biological filter material which is simple and flexible to use
High quality natural product in the form of granules
Bio-catalyzer - filter - ion exchanger - water clarifier
Absorbs poisonous ammonium and restricts growth of algae
1000 ml Zeolith for approximately 600 l freshwater or 400 l saltwater
Creates crystal clear aquarium water. Should also be mixed with floor material.

Zeofix-Zeolith is a natural product, which is gaining ever more importance in the aquarium field. Zeofix-Zeolith comes from the very best mining districts (Australia, New Zealand, etc.) and this guarantees a high level of filter effect.

The more sub-microscopic cavities that are formed in the crystal, the greater is the capacity for absorption and the environment for subsistence of bacteria.

1.000 ml
Order-No. 19012

2.000 ml
Order-No. 19011

6.000 ml
Order-No. 19016


incl. net bag for filtering agents

Extra large charcoal in cylindrical shape and a high total surface area of 1000 m²/g
Produces crystal-clear aquarium water
Absorbs water turbidity, urine, humic matter, pesticides, etc.
Reduces ozone, chlorine, etc.. Removes medication residues
1000 grams of activated charcoal for 1000 litres of fresh water or 500 litres of salt water

Papillon Carbon XXL Charcoal is a highly active product which has been especially created for aquariums. Carbon XXL is made from genuine hard coal only and activated by hot steam. This process is free from chemicals.

A special feature of the charcoal is extremely fine pores and subsequently very large surface area measuring 1000 m²/g.

1.000 ml
Order-No. 19022

2.000 ml
-No. 19021

6.000 ml
Order-No. 19026


incl. net bag for filtering agents

Biological filter material with varied applications
Provides subsistence habitat for nitrate-reducing bacteria by means of porous surface
Adequate water circulation in the filter guaranteed by its cylindrical form. Retention of larger soil particles.
Removeable and can be rinsed again and again

Bioring is espacially suitable for mechanical filtering. The special shape of the tubular cylinder in the quick filter, means the water passing through is better circulated and the larger soil particles remain in the filter material.

When used for biological filtering, it provides an advantage in that its porous surface creates a subsistence habitat for nitrate-reducing bacteria in the slow action, trickle filter.

1.000 ml
Order-No. 19032

6.000 ml
Order-No. 19036

TORRAX Black Peat Granulates

incl. net bag for filtering agents

Biological filter and ground material for lowering carbonate hardness levels
1000 ml active peat is sufficient for an aquarium with 200-400 litres at medium CH level
Another area where it can be used is for the garden pond. Here Torrax sets the correct level of acidity and therefore prevents to a large extent algae formation.

Torrax can be used to treat hard water and also enrich it with trace elements and humic acid. This provides living conditions for fish and plants similar to those in tropical black water, which is absolutely essential for a number of fish species e.g. for breeding.

1.000 ml
Order-No. 19002

6.000 ml
Order-No. 19006

Net bag for filtering agents


Small, 1 l
Order-No. 19101

Large, 2 l
Order-No. 19100