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Plant Fertilizer

Plantofix® works in a similar way to known ion exchange systems.

It takes up substances dissolved in water and by exchange, releases the mineral substances (fertilisers) contained within it. At the same time, through its fine pores, it provides a living environment for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which ensures that the products for decomposition are replaced and re-released as fertilising substances.

Platofix® developes its full performance capacity after only a few weeks, without encouraging the growth of algae.

Plant Fertilizer

Stores plant nutrients which are only given off when required, directly to the roots of aquarium plants
No dirt caused when agitated by fish
No over-fertilisation possible with associated algae growth
Plantofix® cannot be overdosed
Plantofix® consists of enriched zeolites
No harmful or putrefactive substances are given off into the aquarium water, therefore no clouding of water

The plant fertiliser stores excess nutrients in water and releases them as required to the plant roots by bacterial means.

500 ml
Order-No. 19500

1000 ml
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2000 ml
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6.000 ml
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